United Way of Central Texas 

365 Small Business Partners

 There is nothing small about YOUR impact.


The United Way 365 Small Business Circle program is designed to empower small businesses to actively engage with and contribute to their local community. By participating in one of the three available levels, businesses can showcase their commitment to social responsibility, gain valuable exposure, and create positive impacts on critical social issues. Here's an overview of the three levels to select from:

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Level 1: 365 Business Hero ($1/day or $365/year)

Great way to give back and be connected to the community.

  • Benefits:
    • Social media exposure for being a "365 Business Circle Member"
    • Small Business Circle Member Window Display for your Business 
    • Business name listed on the UWCT Website
    • Invitations to special community event(s)

United in Purpose with the Community:  You will be directly contributing and making a positive impact on your local community. United Way of Central Texas' initiatives and programs address hard critical social issues, such as education, health, and financial stability. Every time someone decides to invest, it inspires someone else to get involved. When we all contribute everyone, everywhere has the opportunity to thrive and be a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant community.

  Level 2: 365 Business Champion ($3/day or $1,095/year)

Provides networking opportunities and gets your business recognized by increasing your alignment with a reputable community organization.

  • Benefits (Includes HERO benefits):
    • Logo placement on the 365 Small Business Circle website
    • Business analyst inclusion in the annual report
    • Recognition in donor impact news
    • Networking opportunities during annual campaign events

Employee Engagement and Retention: Engaging employees in volunteering and fundraising activities for United Way of Central Texas fosters a sense of purpose and camaraderie among the workforce. Employees are more likely to feel connected to the business and are likely to stay longer with an employer that values community involvement and be a part of a bigger purpose.


 LEVEL 3: 365 Business Icon ($5/day or $1,825/year)

Increases your brand reputation & attracts socially conscious customers, clients & partners. Creates employee engagements to LIVE UNITED.

  • Benefits (Includes HERO and CHAMPION benefits):
    • Business listing with logo in the Annual Community Report (both printed and digital)
    • Recognized as VIP at special events
    • Sponsorship recognition of YOUR business at Monthly Community Connections meetings 
    • Custom volunteer opportunities for YOUR employees
    • Certificate of recognition as a 365 UWCT partner to proudly display on YOUR business wall
    • Two FREE tickets to the Chrome and Carols event in December

Enhances Brand Reputation: Aligning with a reputable organization like United Way of Central Texas can enhance a small business's brand reputation. demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility and community engagement which can attract socially conscious customers, clients, and partners, boosting the business's overall image and credibility.

By joining one of these levels, small businesses become an integral part of the United Way's mission to address critical social issues such as education, health, and financial stability within their communities.


 Key Benefits for Businesses:

  • Employee engagement and retention through voluntary and fundraising activities.
  • Increased brand reputation and alignment with a reputable organization like United Way Central Texas.
  • Attraction of socially conscious customers, clients, and partners.
  • Enhanced business credibility and community engagement.

This program is an opportunity for small businesses to be recognized as leaders in their communities, united in purpose, and make a positive impact. It fosters a sense of camaraderie among employees and demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility.


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For more information on how to be a part of the 365 Small Business program, contact Monica Silcott at 254-778-8616 or monica.silcott@uwct.org