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Led by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of local citizens from all walks of life, United Way of Central Texas is a locally-governed, autonomous, 501(c)(3) organization that has been efficiently mobilizing resources to advance the common good in our community since its founding in 1951.

In order to improve lives in Central Texas, United Way of Central Texas focuses on the four building blocks of life: Education, Financial StabilityHealth and Basic Needs. A healthy community learns well, earns well, and lives well. Through initiatives and investments guided by community volunteers, United Way of Central Texas advances the common good in conjunction with its many partner agencies and community impact partners.

United Way of Central Texas is not alone in this endeavor – local United Ways across the country and across the globe are hard at work improving their communities by advancing the common good. Though each United Way operates independently of one another and independently of United Way Worldwide, we are all united by the shared goal of advancing the common good.

Even in Central Texas, we all LIVE UNITED in our own separate ways. Everyone in our community has something to offer, a unique skill or knowledge or passion that they can use to LIVE UNITED.

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United Way of Central Texas builds community collaborations to create lasting solutions that change lives.

United Way of Central Texas will be the community leader and trusted partner that fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person.

The United Way of Central Texas opposes all forms of discrimination based race, ethnicity, gender, age, or religion and use equity and inclusion criteria in all decision making.  United Way of Central Texas will not participate or fund programs that promote divisive ideologies or concepts.