2024 Tornado Relief Fund


The Tornado Relief Fund is available to help meet the immediate needs of the community. This fund is intended to help households with Utility Payment Assistance, Home/Building Repair Assistance, Vehicle Repair Assistance, Rental Assistance, Mortgage Payment Assistance, Prescription/Medical Supplies Assistance and Food/Food Supplies Assistance for residential homes only (check all that apply).  

  • Be sure to download the application first to your computer or to your phone as a file to save your responses.  
  • Only completed applications with all required attachments will be reviewed for eligibility! 
  • All documents requested (i.e utility bills, repair estimates, insurance documentation, etc.)  are preferred in PDF form.
  • Please understand that not all requests for assistance are guaranteed. If your request is approved, it will be a one-time offer of assistance. 
  • Amounts due before the tornado disaster are NOT ELIGIBLE.

Applications can be submitted electronically or handwritten.  Applications can also be picked up and dropped of at the office located at 4 North 3rd treet, Temple, Texas 76501

All Applicants:
• Only completed applications will be processed.
• Copy of Driver’s License or State Identification Card or other Government issued Identification Card for all household
members over age 18.
For Utility Bill Assistance: Copy of current utility bill. Amounts due before the disaster are not eligible.
For Insurance Deductible: Proof of insurance along with a copy of the insurance loss sheet with claim number.
For Insurance Deductible & Home Repair Assistance: Copy of invoice/bill for home repair (ex - plumber, electrician,
construction company.  If approved, payments will be disbursed to repair company when all required scope of work outlined on the insurance loss sheet have a certificate of completion.

For Rental Assistance/Mortgage Pymt: Provide a copy of the current Mortgage Statement or Rental Ledger from Landlord.
For Prescription/Medical Supplies: Provide prescription name, doctor's name and number and last place refilled
For Vehicle Repair: Copy of invoice/bill and phone number to repair shop, copy of your insurance deductible statement
from insurance provider.  If approved, payments will be disbursed to auto repair shop based on completion of work.
For Food/Food Supplies: Provide number of household members that live in the home. If renting, please provide your
current lease.

Submit Completed Application to:



Tornado Relief Fund Assistance Application


Please contact info@uwct.org with any questions. 


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