Monica Silcott
Director of Engagement


Monica Silcott serves as the Director of Engagement for United Way and she brings with her a plethora of experience in marketing and outreach. Monica is born and raised in Temple, Texas, and is very passionate about helping her community learn about any and all the services  available to meet their needs. Monica is responsible for the engagement of our community and creating a footprint of branding that ensures effective communication to all social platforms. She has over 17 years of experience in healthcare with Baylor Scott and White in the Technology and Research arena as well as over 6 years of experience in the mental health field, obtained while serving Central Counties Services, our local mental health authority, and Canyon Creek Behavioral Health. In these extensive roles, she provided communication, education, recruitment, outreach, partnerships, and collaboration strategies to the community in for-profit and non-profit capacities. Monica has  also had community stories published in the newspapers, multiple new stations, billboards, and radio stations. In her free time, she believes in being a community leader and is currently a certified life coach, and a real estate investor, and serves in a ministry to provide mentorship and empowerment to women in her community. She has a passion to improve and enlighten all and truly makes a difference in everyone she encounters.