VITA Volunteer Positions

Below is a list of the volunteer positions we are looking to fill. There's no need to worry about having a specific skill set as none of our positions require any previous related experience.

Intake Specialist (Greeter)
  • Must be certified (at least) at Basic Level through the IRS Link & Learn website
  • Greet all taxpayers visiting the site to create a pleasant atmosphere
  • Provide taxpayers with intake forms and answer non-tax questions
  • Ensure the taxpayer has brought all required documents to verify taxpayer identity and complete tax return
  • Determine if the return is within the scope of the VITA program and determine which certified volunteer can prepare the return
  • Manage waiting and entry areas to maintain the flow of taxpayers according to site operational procedures
  • Adhere to Quality Site Requirements and Volunteer Standards of Conduct at all times
  • Refer taxpayers to Tax Preparers of Site Coordinators for tax questions  
Tax Preparer
  • Must be certified (at least) at Basic Level through the IRS Link & Learn website
  • Interview taxpayers using the IRS Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet
  • Prepare only returns that are within their certification level(s) and within the scope of the program.
  • Provide high-quality tax return preparation to taxpayers who qualify for VITA assistance.
  • Enter tax information into the TaxSlayer software
  • Obtain signatures for E-File authorization
  • Answer questions and/or use available resources to assist taxpayers
  • Adhere to Quality Site Requirements and Volunteers Standards of Conduct at all times
  • Maintain taxpayer privacy and confidentially standards
Quality Reviewer
  • Certification level may vary depending on volunteer responsibilities
  • Serve as assistant to the Site Coordinator to maintain quality standards
  • Conduct quality review process on tax returns and complete necessary quality review action items
  • Maintain computer equipment, ensure taxpayer privacy and provide technical and/or quality assistance to volunteers at one or multiple sites
  • Assist in organizing taxpayer documents for storage and assist with handling rejected returns
  • Support one or multiple sites in providing additional resources, equipment, supplies, etc
  • Manage and/or supervise sites where alternative tax preparation models are used (, Virtual VITA, Facilitated Self-Assistance) 
Site Coordinator
  • Must be certified at the Advanced Level through the IRS Link & Learn website
  • Verify and retain signed and dated Volunteer Standards of Conduct Agreement for all volunteers at the VITA site
  • Ensure that the VITA site is open as scheduled and adequately staffed
  • Supervise volunteers working at the site
  • Maintain Quality Site Requirements and adhere to Volunteer Standards of Conduct at all times
  • Ensure that all returns prepared are within scope of the VITA program
  • Complete the Quality Review process for returns completed at the VITA location
  • Submit tax return E-files to the IRS in a timely fashion
  • Ensure rejected returns are either corrected or the affected taxpayer contacted
  • Ensure that copies of required paperwork are properly collected and stored
  • Answer taxpayer questions regarding tax or the client's tax return
  • Maintain taxpayer privacy and confidentiality standards at all times